Syfy Redesign

Imagine greater with a passport to limitless possibilities through a cinematic, awe-inspiring, and fun to interact with digital experience.

Syfy is a leader in imagination-based entertainment and was last redesigned in 2009, when it rebranded itself from "SCI FI" to "Syfy". Since then, huge viewer interaction shifts with television and digital platforms have occurred. During this time Syfy has spearheaded numerous transmedia initiatives including Syfy Sync to cross-platform TV Everywhere products. Syfy’s latest redesign needs to continue to serve network viewers, while tying together the ecosystem of digital content offerings in a cohesive and seamless way, encouraging interaction across multiple platforms.

A digital pitch concept that is dynamic, premium, and responsive featuring awe-inspiring full-bleed cinematic imagery, TV shows, easily discoverable and consumable original videos, and a consistent and intuitive ways to interact with relevant companion content.

Visual Design and User Experience Design.


SHO Sync Sports

Create a compelling, engaging, and enhanced viewing experience for Showtime’s Pay Per View Sports telecasts.

Selected Work

Syfy Redesign SHO Sync Sports Showtime Portal 2.0 Secret Squirrel David Bowie Manifestations Ripley The Players Champion This American Road Mediaglow The Singles Project