Raptor Mining

Seeking perfection through incremental improvements.

Raptor Mining is an independent and international supply, design, and engineering company, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with CISC (Continuous Improvement Service Center) locations worldwide. Raptor's mission is to provide customers with a premium product with exceptional service and their vision is to exceed customer expectations. Raptor strongly believes that their success is determined by three factors - people, process, and products. The ability to continuously improve in these key areas, adapt to changing marketplace and technologies, and innovate where others stagnate truly define what Raptor's brand and company are.

As a result, a high performance work culture evolved, aptly named GSD or 'Get Shit Done', and this is why customers and clients want to work with Raptor, and why Raptor employees are highly engaged and motivated. It's also the driving force behind every new project, product line, and venture at Raptor.

From the small screen to the big screen, a fully responsive digital web experience was designed to work everywhere. Combining bold typography, strong industrial workplace inspired colors, large images, and crisp messaging, the site is designed to tell Raptor's story that feels authentically true to the brand, consistent, and trustworthy. The site features a simplified navigation, clear information architecture allowing for brand consistency across different platforms and devices, and an easy and intuitive content management system for easily updating news and events.

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Showtime Portal 2.0

Deliver a fun, sleek, engaging, and highly branded interactive Smart TV experience.